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Confirm Your Pregnancy

Free pregnancy testing, free limited obstetric ultrasounds, options consultations, and more.

Cost-free ultrasound services

An ultrasound can determine if the pregnancy is occurring within your uterus, if it is a viable pregnancy, and then determine how far along you are. If you have scheduled an abortion or are considering the abortion pill, an ultrasound should be performed prior to a procedure or taking abortion pills. 

Do I need an ultrasound before having an abortion?

The cost of an abortion is determined by how far along the pregnancy may be. An ultrasound is the most accurate way to determine the dates of the pregnancy. Conception calendars are not always accurate, especially if the woman does not have a regular 28 day cycle or doesn’t remember her last menstrual period.


Also, having an ultrasound early in pregnancy can rule out an ectopic pregnancy which can be life threatening if not treated. In addition, an ultrasound can show a natural miscarriage in which case an abortion would not need to be performed.


Did you know that 1 in 5 pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and the majority of those are in the first three months of pregnancy? Contact us today to schedule your free ultrasound.

What to expect

At your appointment, we will provide a lab grade pregnancy testing and an options consultation appointment with a registered nurse and trained patient advocate. If you have a positive pregnancy test, you may be eligible for a free limited obstetric ultrasound. We understand the issues facing an unexpected pregnancy and are committed to providing you with a warm, safe, and discreet place where you can process your choices. 

Along with our cost-free services and support, we can answer any questions you may have about pregnancy, abortion, parenting and adoption.

We look forward to serving you.

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